building roof over deck

Building a Roof Over a Deck or Patio - HomeTips Aug 17, 2017 . Building Over an Existing Slab Building on an Existing Deck. If local codes allow setting the overhead directly on an existing slab but the concrete is not thick enough to support the overhead's weight, you will have to pour new footings around the slab's perimeter or break out sections and pour deeper..

How 2 Build A Flat Roof Over An Existing Wooden Deck On A . RezWood 40. How 2 Build A Flat Roof Over An Existing Wooden Deck On A Mobile Home. I am wanting to put a flat roof over an existing wood deck on my Dad's mobile home. Not sure on the best and cheapest way to do this. Also want it to last and be durable all year around. Anyone with advice on how to go about doing..

15 Free Pergola Plans You Can DIY Today - The Balance Nov 9, 2017 . A backyard pergola with a deck. HGTV. HGTV has a free pergola plan that will build you pergola that includes adjustable roof panels to control the amount of sun you get. Use the . DIY Network has a free pergola plan if you want to build a pergola over an existing deck. Included in the free pergola plan is..

HOW TO BUILD A PORCH ROOF Installing a roof over the existing deck which is not made with the intention to support a porch can be dangerous. This is because decks require additional footings and load to support the roof. Therefore, a roof should not be built onto an..

Need help designing roof over deck - The Forestry Forum Jan 24, 2017 . New member here looking for some advice on a roof over my deck. My plans are to extend my existing gable roof of my house out over my back deck. I want to build an open gable design similar to this. Here is a picture of the house. The span from the two top plates is 24' and the roof is a 10/12 pitch

Hand Building a Timberframe Shed Deck Roof | Ana White . Jul 8, 2015 . We'll get to the front deck soon, and it's definitely a statment making entryway, but today, I want to share with you how we built the timberframe shed roof over the back deck. When we framed up the walls for the cabin, on the north wall we notched in a 2x8 where the shed roof will tie into the wall. When we..

How to build a gable roof over a deck? - JustAnswer I am preparing to build an 18x18 gable style roof over my existing deck. I will have (6) 6x6x12 post in footers (3 on each side). This roof will tie in to my existing 2 story home and come off the side. I will have open ceilings with rafters and collar ties. I will be using 2x8 Rafters 24 OC. 1x8 T&G roofing, topped with ½ osb..