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PANTONE Color Manager export failed or application not installed . Why am I getting an export failed or Application Not Installed error when exporting libraries to Adobe products? Or, why can't I find my PANTONE library after a 'successful' export? In some cases, the export paths within PANTONE Color Manager may differ from those that exist on your system. If this happens, you can use the..

5 DIY Ways to Add Shade to Your Deck or Patio - Confession: I don't get enough use out of my deck. I'd love to spend more time out there, but after an hour or so of squinting, sweating and getting sunburnt, I end up going inside. If you, too, are in serious need of some shelter from the sun, I've rounded up five affordable projects for varying skill levels. Add these to your to-do..

How to Export PANTONE Libraries from PANTONE Color Manager . If your target applications are open, close them. Launch PANTONE Color Manager; Go to View/Fandeck and select the desired library to export.*; Go to File/Export/select your application/choose L*a*b* for print output or sRGB for Web design **; The library is exported and is now accessible from within your target application..

6 Creative Ways to Add Shade Outdoors | This Old House Increase the Shade With a Pergola. a small dog sits on the brown steps of this large deck area leading to french. View as slideshow. A pergola can filter out sunlight on decks that aren't shaded by your trees. Additionally, one can add an architectural point of interest to your grilling space. Get more details on this reader's..

Shade ideas for any backyard | Bunnings Warehouse Shade Sails. Perfect for larger areas like patios, pools and decks, shade sails are a flexible option because you can put them up in summer and take them down over winter. Their distinctive shape makes a terrific design feature. Plus, they're easy to install and tailor to suit the size of your space. Made from fabric or PVC,..