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FLOORING Sika TECHNOLOGY AND CONCEPTS ... - Sika (NZ)38 Pulastic Sports Surfaces, High Performance Indoor and outdoor Sports flooring Systems. 42 Sikagard, Solutions for Tank Linings, Cooling Basements and Water .... floorING. Sika TECHNOLOGY AND CONCEPTS FOR floorING AND COATING. 11. Very smooth, glossy, coloured rigid screed. High wear and abrasion resistance. Good impact resistance. Good chemical resistance. Medium thermal resistance. Easy cleaning. Coloured. SIKA SYSTEM /. PERFORMANCE.

Acoustical Panels - Mold Mildew Moisture Resistant - Impact ResistantHigh performance both STC & NRC ratings; Class A fire rated per ASTM E84; No fiberglass non-fibrous; Water-resistant indoor; Non-abrasive surface; Indoor/outdoor usage; Tackable surface; Moisture-, impact-, bacteria- & fungi-resistant; Lightweight & cleanable .... Sound Silencer PEPP is a thermal molded product and although tough to see one side of the panel will have injection and mold release marks these are circular marks that range in size and indent depth.

Epoxy Terrazzo Concrete Coatings - Advantages of Thin-Set ...High impact resistance. Thermal-shock resistance. Does not shrink, permitting installation of larger monolithic sections. The colors are permanent and will last the life of the floor without fading. No need for depressed or recessed concrete slabs to ... Although epoxy terrazzo offers many benefits when compared with other decorative floor toppings, it does have some limitations. ... Epoxy terrazzo is generally not recommended for outdoor use because of concerns about UV exposure.

Sports Flooring, Impact Protection Outdoor Facilities English ...Overview Regupol products for outdoor facilities: Regupol tartan tracks, athletc surfaces, safety surfacing, safety tiles.

Flooring Systems | Sika USASikafloor DecoDur is a decorative epoxy flooring system based on Sikafloor 218 DF, which is a two part, low odor, low viscosity epoxy resin. It is self-leveling and highly UV ... rely on Sikafloor Epo-Rok . These proprietary systems deliver superior performance, whether you are overlaying new concrete or patching / overlaying a severely eroded concrete floor providing chemical, abrasion and impact resistance with compressive strengths two to three times greater than concrete.

Disaster Resistance - Disaster Resistant Buildings - Durable BuildingDisaster resistant concrete structures are durable and are resistant to wind, tornados, hurricanes, floods, and fire. ... Concrete, as a structural material and as the building exterior skin, has the ability to withstand nature's normal deteriorating mechanisms as well as natural disasters. Properly .... Multi-story buildings with a ground floor consisting only of columns;; Wood-frame houses with weak connections between the walls and foundation;; Unreinforced masonry or concrete buildings.

Construction systems | YourHomeThe combinations of materials used to build the main elements of our homes roof, walls and floor are referred to as construction systems. They are many and varied, and each has advantages and disadvantages depending on climate, distance from source of supply, budget, maintenance requirements and desired style or appearance. The environmental performance of a construction system is determined by life cycle or 'cradle to grave' analysis of the impact of the individual ...

Durability - Concrete ThinkerPortland cement plaster (stucco) should not be confused with the exterior insulation finish systems (EIFS) or synthetic stucco systems that have become popular but may have performance problems, including moisture damage and low impact-resistance. Synthetic stucco is generally a fraction of the thickness of portland cement stucco, offering less impact resistance. Due to its composition, it does not allow the inside of a wall to dry when moisture gets trapped inside. Trapped moisture ...

Impact-Resistant Wall Systems for Tornado and Hurricane Zones ...4 Jun 2013 ... ForeverHome is a total precast concrete home that is engineered to withstand hurricane-force winds. The foundation and floor system are cast on site, while the interior and exterior walls and roof are done in the factory. Everything is then assembled on site. The precast roof surrounds a continuous layer of insulation. The roof and wall patterns are cast into the surface of the concrete. A waterproof membrane is bonded to the surface of the roof to prevent water leaks.

Selecting The Proper Coating For Concrete Floors By: Robert R. CainThe main purpose, of course, is to provide protection to the slab from deterioration or contamination, or to provide some added benefit such as aesthetics, wear, non-skid, chemical resistance, ease of maintenance, physical performance, and a ... floors are subjected to just about every kind of abuse - impact, abrasion, chemical attack, and thermal shock. .... Today, the same performance characteristics can be obtained with a variety of decorative appearances and surface textures.

Protective Coatings & Waterproofing Inc. | CoatingsServices. Cementitious Surface Overlays; Chemical Resistant Coatings; Clear Sealers; Deck Coatings; decorative Epoxy Systems; Specialty Epoxy Systems; Dyed Concrete floors; Stained Concrete floors; Polished Concrete floors ... Inc.'s extensive selection of chemical resistant coatings. These coatings offer a variety of valuable attributes: Chemical resistance; Corrosion resistance; Abrasion resistance; Durability; Thermal Shock and impact resistance; Used Indoors or outdoors ...

Forms Library Products Floor And Walls Decorative | Thermal ...decorative floor Systems The decorative flooring Group offers many of the same features as our industrial floor coatings , while providing attractive and. ... that are difficult to clean and require waxing. Thermal-Chem's decorative floor systems can be installed with a cove base, are low odor during installation, are USDA approved, and comply with Federal VOC guidelines. ... Excellent resistance to water spoting, impact, abrasion and many common chemicals.Our best clear epoxy ...

Decorative Epoxy Floor Coating Systems | Quartz, Chip & MoreOur selection of decorative floor coating systems, including quartz, chip blends, solids and metallics, give you the options you need to suit any space. Our beautiful colored quartz blend and resin system offers the extraordinary strength and impact resistance of an aggregate-filled floor and can be applied using broadcast, slurry or trowel methods. Innovative colored chip blend and resin finishes provide the look of terrazzo at a fraction of the price, and cost much less to maintain with no ...

Impact Pivot Doors | Florida Hurricane Pivot Doors | SIW Impact ...Our Hurricane resistant impact Pivot Doors are Heavy duty extruded aluminum with OG finish to obtain the look of wood. ... SIW offers the only exterior hurricane resistant pivoting door in the industry.Meeting and exceeding the Miami Dade & Florida Building Codes. This product was designed for applications with a very ... 7/16 Laminated impact Glass for full panels and 1 insulated impact Glass for True Divided Lites. Custom Frame is available for 1/4 cladding inside and out.

thermoplastic, compposite, panel, outdoor application, glass ...thermoplastic, compposite, panel, outdoor application, glass-reinforced, glass, polypropylene, GMTex, semi-finished, stiff, low weight, dimensionally stable, UV resistant. ... The core of the MultiQ Concrete and MultiQ impact fiber composite sandwich panels consists of glass and polypropylene fibers (SymaLITE) and is faced on both sides with a cover layer of high-strength, UV-resistant GMTex. During production, the two ... decorative applications on floors and walls. Its low weight,

Hurricane Shutter - HomeAdvisor.comAnother alternative, hurricane glass or impact-resistant windows, can eliminate the need for hurricane shutters or enhance the protection that lower-cost shutters provide.