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Engineered Wood Fiber | Playground Safe Mulch | EWF for . Mar 6, 2017 . 770-214-9322 Engineered Wood Fiber, EWF or playground safe wood mulch. We're one of the Southeast's largest distributors of playground equipment & recreation furnishings. If you're looking for playground equipment in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina..

Engineered Wood Fiber | GameTime Engineered wood fiber is a popular choice for projects with initial budget constraints. However, it will require ongoing raking and occasional topping off during its lifetime due to compaction and decomposition. This maintenance will help ensure the correct material depth for compliance with safety and accessibility standards

Buy Mulch Direct | Certified Playground Mulch (70 bags) Price Listed is Price Per Pallet ** Price includes Sales Tax & Shipping *** Prices listed are for Miami-Dade & Broward Counties. Other destinations may require additional taxes or shipping charges. GreenScapes Premium Playground Mulch meets: ASTM F 2075-04 Specification for Engineered Wood Fiber for use as..

Safe Playground Mulch & Wood Fiber Playground Chips - Fibar The gold standard of the playground safety surfacing industry for bulk use and playground mulch top-offs. It's no accident that over 50,000 playgrounds in the U.S. and Canada are surfaced with Fibar Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF) playground chips. This wood fiber playground mulch is designed and tested to be a superior..

Playground Mulch-Certified Engineered Wood Fiber We deliver and install Certified Engineered Wood Fiber, which is a higher quality type of playground mulch that is deemed safe for playgrounds. Our certified engineered wood fiber is not only high quality and safe for children to play on, but it is popular use of surfacing for many schools and daycares throughout Washington..

Engineered Wood Fiber Products - Building Products Plus Engineered wood fiber products to be used as playground mulch, shavings, animal bedding, dog park topping, horse arena surface and more in Houston and central TX

Engineered Wood Fiber - TotTurf Made of natural wood that is engineered to" knit together" and form a surface soft enough to cushion falls, yet firm enough for wheelchairs. . expensive maintenance services; Easily installed for a quicker solution to uneven surfaces; Protects loose fill surfacing resulting in a safer and more inclusive playground environment..

Sof'Fall - Sof-Solutions Dec 17, 2014 . When Dylan's not memorizing state capitals, he's in the playground leaping swing-sets in a single bound. Luckily, he has Sof'Fall Engineered Wood Fiber to catch him when he falls. With up to 25' of fall protection, Dylan can leap and fly to his heart's content. Whatever he dreams up, we'll be there to cushion..

5 Sustainable Surfaces We Love For Playgrounds - Sebert Landscape Sep 15, 2015 . For playground surface projects with budget constraints, engineered wood chips are a fine alternative to traditional chips or mulch. The benefit of going for engineered wood rather than nature's variety is that it provides better fall attenuation. It is made from virgin wood fiber, and the size and type of wood..

Premium Engineered Wood Fiber - Mulch Outfitters Mulch Outfitters provides low cost, manufacturer direct, premium engineered wood fiber playground surfaces that is IPEMA and ASTM certified

Engineered Wood Fiber Playground Surfacing | Zeager , PA Engineered wood fiber is an economical playground surfacing used on nearly ¾'s of all playgrounds in the U.S. because of its high impact absorbing qualities yet firm, slip resistant surface that, if properly . The same can't be said for rubber mulch, which certain studies have shown to leach out toxic chemicals over time

Buying Mulch in Bulk - The Seventrust Can also be used to build up landscapes and garden beds. Kids Karpet playground mulch. 100% natural and produced from engineered wood fiber; This product is ideal for playgrounds, pathways and backyards; Recommended that it be installed to a finished depth of 12 inches for playground applications; Allow an extra 4..

Landscape Supplies - Precision Landscape & Tree Precision offers a wood fiber mulch that is perfect for playgrounds, parks, and schools. These engineered wood fiber playground chips create a safe playing environment. In fact, Precision P

Engineered Wood Fiber Playground Mulch | XGrass XGrass is a leading supplier of playground surfacing including engineered wood fiber (EWF), rubber nuggets and bonded rubber mulch

Engineered Wood Fiber Calculator | AAA State of Play AAA State of Play is a premier provider of playground surfaces. Engineered Wood Fiber, a fancy word for wood mulch is one of the most common playground surfaces due to the relatively low cost compared with rubber and nationwide availability of wood chippers in our network of suppliers that cut down on shipping costs

Engineered Wood Fiber - Playground Mulch - BYO Playground Engineered wood fiber playground safety surfacing is manufactured from natural fibers, and is designed to reduce injuries on playgrounds, and provide a stable, resilient surface for trails. It is a 100% natural product and contains no chemicals or artificial ingredients. Fresh wood is utilized than cannot be made into lumber

Playground Mulch | Mulch | Georgia Landscape Supply Description: Kid-Safe Playground Mulch is an engineered wood fiber/hardwood chip that has been specifically designed by the manufacturer to meet the stringent requirements of several certifying agencies. Essentially, Kid-Safe Playground Mulch acts as a cushion that breaks falls. A proprietary chipping process..

Dunning Playground Surfacing in New England We supply the highest quality, most economical fully IPEMA Certified Engineered Wood Fiber Playground Safety Surfacing in New England with Customer Service Second to None! . "Playground Safety Surfacing" is often referred to as "Playground Mulch", "Playground Chips", "EWF", or "Playground Safety Fiber"

Playground Mulch - Cubic Yard | Brink Wood Products Brinkwood Engineered Wood-Fiber Safety Surfacing Material for Playgrounds Produced from virgin wood no pallets or skids We are a family owned ..

9 cu. yd. Kids Karpet Bulk Playground Mulch-BKKKWF9 - The Home . Kids Karpet Bulk Playground Mulch 9 cu. yd. is delivered locally to your home or jobsite. Kids Karpet Playground Mulch is available in 5 cu. yd. - 25 cu. yd. quantities for purchase. Kids Karpet Playground Mulch is engineered wood fiber that meets the ASTM standard. The product is also ideal for pathways and backyards

Sylva Corporation | Playground Wood Chips Sylva Corporation is MN's premier supplier of Engineered Wood fiber playground surfacing for schools, parks and community projects. IPEMA and ASTM Certified

Wood Fiber Playground Mulch - JK Enterprise Oct 1, 2014 . Keep your children's play area safe with wood fiber playground mulch. Engineered wood fiber is a popular playground mulch choice for playground surfacing projects with budget constraints. Engineered wood fiber is an economical playground surfacing used on nearly 80% of all playgrounds in the United..

Engineered Wood Fiber Playground Mulch - Custom Playground . Affordable Engineered Wood Fiber playground mulch. IPEMA certified. ASTM tested. CPSC recommended. ADA compliant

Florida Playground Mulch | Orlando Playground Mulch | Certified . Engineered Playground Wood Chip Mulch is an engineered wood fiber made from 100 percent virgin wood. Since they do not contain any recycled material, they do not include any metal or other unhealthy additives and are considered safe for playground use. Wood chips meet the CPSC safety standards for playgrounds