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Vinyl, Low Cost and Lovely | HGTVHGTVRemodels Bathroom Floor Buying Guide gives you expert tips and photos for using vinyl in your bathroom renovation.

Choosing Flooring for Rooms That Get Wet | Angie's List1 Oct 2014 ... Tile and cement aren't the only flooring options for rooms with water such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens and basements. Consider these flooring ... Ceramic waterproof, durable and available in many colors, sizes and styles, ceramic flooring is easy to clean. In rooms that get wet, such as the ... Vinyl flooring. If you're looking for an easy-care and affordable option, consider vinyl. Sheet vinyl has the benefit of few, if any, seams that can let moisture through.

What to Expect with Basement Waterproofing | Angie's List4 May 2012 ... If you've experienced leaking walls, floors or cracks in your home's basement, it's likely you need the help of an experienced basement waterproofing contractor to devise a basement solution. ... This repair approach is generally only suitable for poured concrete foundations where seepage is originating from the walls (and not floors). ... The downside, other than cost, is the disruption to the home's landscaping and attached features such as porches and driveways.

2018 Laminate Flooring Installation Costs + Avg. Prices Per Sq Ft ...The average cost to install laminate wood flooring is $2,752, with most homeowners spending between $1,428 and $4,076. Adding laminate flooring to a 200-square foot house is about $3,300, but can range from $400 to $5,000. This difference in price is due to the finish, the abrasion rating, and other add-ons your contractor might recommend including. Many homeowners opt for laminate flooring as a relatively affordable way to achieve the look of real-wood floors. It comes in many ...

Vinyl vs. Laminate Flooring: Which Is Best? - The Spruce14 Sep 2017 ... Let's look at the issue of vinyl vs. laminate flooring and find out which is best for your home. ... Vinyl flooring ranges from extremely cheap (about $0.50 for thin vinyl squares in basic patterns and styles) to moderate (about $3.00 for vinyl plank in so-called premium luxury styles). Laminate flooring ranges from very cheap (about $0.50 ... slightest moisture infiltration. waterproof laminate flooring, once a dream of flooring manufacturers, has become a moribund product.

2018 Average Cost For Landscaping Services | Landscaper PricesLandscape. Install landscaping. (13,255 projects). Average National cost: $3,287. View costs in Your Area. Landscape. Build a Deck. (10,273 projects). Average National cost: $7,081. View costs in Your Area. Landscape. Install a Patio or Pathway. (10,069 projects). Average National cost: $3,678. View costs in Your Area. Landscape. Repair a Deck. (6,635 projects). Average National cost: $1,520. View costs in Your Area. Landscape. Seal or waterproof a Deck. (5,950 projects).

2018 Basement Waterproofing Cost | Avg. Price of Foundation ...HomeAdvisor's Basement waterproofing and Foundation Sealing cost Guide delivers average price estimates for interior and exterior basement, clspace, foundation, or cellar sealing and tanking. ... How Much Does It cost To waterproof A Basement Or Foundation? National Average. $4,012. Typical Range. $2,033 - $6,086. low End. $600. High End. $10,000 ... Leaks & Cracks; Water Drainage; Gutters & Downspouts; Landscape Grading. Dangers of Water Damage ...

9 Affordable Ways to Dry Up Your Wet Basement For Good! | Family ...9 Affordable Ways to Dry Up Your Wet Basement For Good! ... waterproof the Walls. waterproofing materials that go on like paint fill the pores in the concrete or

Cheap Laminate Flooring - Buyer's Guide - The Spruce17 Feb 2017 ... We sort through all the mess and confusion to help you find cheap laminate flooring. ... But with flooring manufacturers improving the quality of their laminate and the product gaining acceptance even in higher-end homes, laminate prices have slowly been creeping up. So, we decided to take a look at inexpensive .... many types of resilient flooring. This iCore offering is totally waterproof, so you can use it even in very moist areas such as basements or kids' bathrooms.

The Most Durable Flooring You Can Install - The Spruce14 Sep 2017 ... Despite laminate's abrasion resistance, the moment the dishwasher leaks, a large portion of your kitchen floor is dead and gone. For high-moisture environments, it is possible to buy waterproof laminate flooring such as Aqua-Step. However, because waterproof laminate dispenses with all wood content, it obliterates the line between laminate flooring and resilient flooring. If durability is your priority and you are debating whether to purchase vinyl or laminate, go with ...