how deep to put wood fence posts

Fence Posts - Ask the BuilderAsk the Builder My method of setting fence posts is quite simple. If I'm installing a 4x4 wood fence post, I dig a hole 10 inches in diameter. The depth of the hole is important. My tests over the years have shown that the amount of buried post should be half the length that extends above the ground. In your case my guess is your fence posts..

How to Set Fence Posts | The Seventrust Canada How To Set Fence Posts. Setting fence posts is the first and most important step when you're installing a new fence. Set your fence posts straight and sturdy to ensure the rest of your fence is properly supported. Related Resources. Project Guides. Buying Guides. Decking Buying Guide. Products. Drills; Hammers..

How to Install Fence Posts for Wooden Fence | Pacific Fence & Wire . Updated November 2017. When it comes to building a fence, it is important to have install fence posts to ensure the most stable wooden fence possible. Installing fence posts is a critical component that's responsible for keeping your enclosure upright and straight. Installing a fence post can be tricky business but with right..

Concrete is a no-no for fence posts | National Columns | May 12, 2012 . Look, no matter what preventative steps you take (and I'll get to those), eventually wooden posts rot, and eventually you'll have to set new ones. Not only does . Dig deep. Measure the post and plan on burying at least a third of it. For a 5-foot fence, you'd want an 8-foot post and you'd need a 3-foot hole

Setting Fence Posts - Dos and Don'ts - Bob Vila Setting Fence Posts. Photo: It's a bona fide do-it-yourself classic: Every summer without fail, legions of homeowners grab their toolbox and head outdoors to erect a wood fence. Putting up a fence is a substantial, satisfying project, and particularly if you're relying on a kit, an eminently doable one. And if..

How to install a fence post into soil | Installing a post into soil. If you're building a fence onto soil or grass, this guide describes exactly what you need to do. It tells you what size holes you'll need to dig, how to work with hard ground, what to do to reduce the risk of the post rotting and how to keep the post straight whilst pouring in concrete. Follow these steps..

How to install a wood fence in Naples Florida | Learn about buiding . Set all wood fence posts with about 1/3 of their total length buried in the ground. This is especially important on corner posts and any posts that will carry heavy weight or withstand high wind pressure. Use a regular post hole digger to dig the post holes. Dig the holes straight to the proper depth at each stake marker. You can..

How to Install a Fence | how-tos | DIY When setting the fence posts, make sure about 1/3 of each post is buried in the ground. This helps the posts endure heavy weight and high winds. To dig the post holes, use a post hole digger. For the section of the wooden posts that will be buried in the ground, use a wood preservative to protect the wood from rotting and..

Should I set fence posts in dirt, gravel, crushed rock, or . The author covered both concrete and compact dirt/rock footers for wooden fences. I'd highly recommend it to anyone building a . We set ours in dirt/gravel and realized it was exactly the right choice when our fence was hit by a car 4 months after we built it. The car shattered two 4x4 posts, a gate, and..

Setting Wood Fence Posts - Setting your posts correctly in a straight line when building a fence is the most important part of the project. They must be set plumb and level so that the fence will have a professional, cohesive appearance when the job is complete. I've seen many pressure-treated wood fences installed according to common practices;..

How to Set a Fence Post. FAST! - YouTube Jul 7, 2013 . Like us on Facebook! How to concrete in a post. How to install a post in . Todays video we will look at how to install a fence post in concrete. .. At some point, YES - the wood will rot, but if you are using treated lumber - it will last a long time. Thanks..

Concrete for wood fence posts? - Houzz Oct 16, 2009 . When we have had fencing companies come out and tell us what they would do they all say that they don't use concrete with wood fence posts. They say that ... What I have just recently done is to put the post on top of a 6" bed of crushed gravel in a 11" square hole x 1/3 fence post height deep. I bought a..

Replacing Wood Fence Posts - How to Install Them - The Spruce Apr 4, 2017 . Usually, wood fence posts are 20 inches deep. If the original hole was not that deep, dig to a depth where the new support will be the same height as the other wood fence posts. Put the new wood fence post in the hole. Remember to line up the slots that accommodate the rails for the fencing. To make it..

How to Install a Wood Fence Post (with Pictures) - wikiHow You can install your posts directly into the soil as long as it's dense and has good drainage. The installation is more labor-intensive and a bit less stable than concrete, but also cheaper and (often) more decay-resistant. Due to additional strain, gate posts work better when installed in concrete. to Install a Wood Fence Post. 2

How To Install Wood Fence Posts - Renovation Headquarters By far the most arduous part of building a wood fence is installing the upright wood fence posts. This leads to fences that do not stand straight and/or deteriorate quicker than they should

Setting and Installing Wooden Fence Posts for Garden Fencing Whether you're installing closeboard, trellis panels, post and rail systems or standard lap fence panels, all require sturdy fence posts for a long life. The following guide describes how to install wooden fence posts and includes tips and guidance on how to make sure they stay solid and looking good for years to come

How Deep to Dig Fence Post Holes | Hunker Sep 4, 2009 . The depth of your post holes--and how well the posts are anchored--are the most important factors in the stability of your fence. If you do not get the post holes deep enough. . lines marked on your property. This will help you to avoid interrupting services or potentially putting yourself in danger

How Deep Should I Dig a Fence Post? - Charles & Hudson Fence post holes for instance. Much of the stability and strength of your fence depends on the depth and preparation of your post hole. If a wood fence is in your future, you are likely installing 4×4 posts. A 10 auger bit should be

Set Fence Posts in Concrete or Gravel | Tractor Supply Co. Whether you're building a fence to corral livestock or to add definition to your yard, make sure that your fence is fully functional by setting the fence posts correctly. Before you dig a post hole, decide what material you are going to use to set the posts, and lay the proper groundwork for a straight line for your fence and for..