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Tips on Choosing the Right Floor Stain A Beautiful Mess I definitely had to clean more to keep up with the dark floors in our previous house, but I loved the look so much that we chose a dark stain again because I think it's worth it (although we did go a little lighter for just that reason). Tips on choosing a floor stain (click through for more!) What color is the wood you are staining?Options for Fixing the Dreaded Pet Stains on Wood Floors - Wood . Mar 21, 2017 . Typical urine stain scenarios. Let's look at some typical scenarios. 1. You bought a home knowing that under that carpet there were beautiful oak floors. Removing the carpet reveals dark sticky spots where some critter has used that spot or those spots to relieve himself for years. 2. You are rearranging the..

Do-It-Yourself: Methods for Removing Stains from Hardwood Floors Oct 10, 2009 . A: Dark stains on wood floors generally mean that moisture, often water or pet urine, has penetrated the finish and soaked into the wood. The stains can sometimes be removed and the floor touched up, but if there are a number of stains, the best bet is to sand the entire floor to remove the old finish and..

Let me talk you out of staining your floor | Wood Floor Techniques 101 Wood flooring professionals tend to assume that everyone knows that stain is quite different from finish (varnish is one class of finish used on floors, but not the only .. This is when you ask yourself whether you want a dark-stained floor badly enough to wait a full weekor longerbefore you can move furniture back into..

Thinking of Staining Your Hardwood Floors a Dark Color? Lately we've been getting a lot of requests about dark stained hardwood floors. Seems like deep, rich, dark colored floors are as popular as ever. We've been doing 3 to 5 of them a month lately. Good thing we love doing them! So this month we thought we'd put together a blog post to answer the most common questions we..

How To Remove Black Stains On Hardwood Floor Feb 23, 2014 . Hardwood flooring is a beautiful attribute of any home. Like carpet and any other type of flooring you must clean and maintain wood floors to keep them beautiful. Tarnishing the floor can be a homeowner's worst nightmare as it is a difficult task to remove stains once they have set in. Perhaps a drink spilled..

How to Repair Dog Damage to Wood Flooring | This Old House Even if your floors are sealed, dog urine can still penetrate the wood and reach the subfloor, resulting in discoloration and an ammonia-like stench. Dark stainsas in black-Labrador-retriever darkare bad news. "You'll have to replace those boards because the damage is so deep that you'll never get rid of the smell," says..

The Effects of Dark Stains vs Light Stains on a Room | Hardwood . Apr 19, 2013 . Many things affect the a

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Remove Water Stains from Wood | LoveToKnow Black Water Stains. There are two types of water stains that you may find on your wood flooring or furnitureThe most difficult one to remove is the black stain which indicates that the water has seeped beyond the finish and into the wood

How to Get: Beautiful Black Stained Floors | Apartment Therapy Jan 26, 2010 . I truly love floors that have been stained black. And by this, I don't mean very dark wood floors, or black painted floors - it has to really be a stain finish to get the rich, deep effect that I love. My only fear in taking the leap to these at home would be finding someone to do the process really well, and now, even..

How to Remove a Dark Stain from Hardwood Flooring Shirley asked: How do I remove a stain on the hardwood floor from potassium hydroxide that spilled. During the night, some non-acid drain opener spilled on the hardwood floor. I saw the puddle and wiped up what I could with a damp cloth. It left a major dark stain. Can you help with suggestions? Cleaning wood-floor..

How to Remove Stains From Solid and Engineered Wood Floor . Jul 13, 2016 . Stains can ruin a wood floor so this article will explain the most effective ways to remove tough stains from your dream floor. . However, if the stain is a dark shade then unfortunately the substance has seeped further into the grain and sanding down your floor may be the only way to remove the stain

Removing Stains from a Hardwood Floor - Ask Westchester Home . Soak a clean cloth with hydrogen peroxide the 3 percent solution you get at the drugstore and lay it on the stain. Leave for several hours or overnight. Zud and Bar Keeper's Friend are cleansing powders that contain oxalic acid, which can lift black marks from wood. Make a wet paste, brush it on the stain and leave it..

How to Mask a Dark Stain on Wood Flooring | Home Guides | SF Gate Dark stains on wood flooring are usually caused by urine or water spots that have remained untreated. Once the stain has dried, it can be difficult to remove it entirely from your floor. While staining the floor darker is an option, the dark spots may still be noticeable. Depending on the cause of the stain, you have a few options..

Black stained hardwood flooring, but it's NOT glossy and the grain is . Black stained hardwood flooring, but it's NOT glossy and the grain is left grey. I've seen this once before in real life and it actually does really well in hiding dirt!How to Stain Hardwood Floors Ebony | Home Guides | SF Gate Ebony stain is a dark colored stain that leaves the grain lines of the wood a light shade of black and the rest of the wood an almost black color. These colors darken when the stain is left on the wood longer before wiping it off or by applying multiple coats. You must apply all hardwood stains to unfinished or wood for the..

Laminate Flooring | Armstrong Flooring Residential Discover laminate flooring options from Armstrong Flooring, including the authentic look and feel of real hardwood or natural stone. Explore the many options! . Antique Structure Laminate - Black Paint. Architectural . Introducing PRYZM. The Winning Choice for protection against dents, scratches, spills and stains

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Black Stains (a.k.a. Pet Stains) Archives - Wood Flooring Aug 18, 2017 . Q: We just purchased an old house that has dark pet stains on the hardwood floors. I have read several tips regarding bleaching pet stains out of hardwood floors and I am thinking that I should use the 50%-50% bleach and water to start. Should the floor be sanded first? The house is going to be used as a..

Dark Hardwood Floors, Your Complete Guide - Pro Floor Tips Jun 8, 2017 . Ideally, the flooring should be made of a naturally dark wood, such as maple; or choose a light wood with a dark finish. If you want a very dark stain, such as ebony, your best choices are hardwoods such as oak floors, teak hardwood flooring, a cherry floor and dark walnut floors. In saying that, there are..